Vouchers Are A Cause That Betsy DeVos Believes in Completely

The American educational system is quite complicated. There are many facets to it. That includes local and state districts that get direct funding. It also includes a national educational policy, Betsy DeVos has seen the world of American educational policy from all sorts of angles. As a young woman, she was very much part of this world. When she stepped into the role of motherhood, again she became part of the world of American education as she raised her own children. This is what lead her to think more closely about what it means to work with this field. She became convinced that the American educational system needed to be revamped. For her, that meant looking at how schools are funded. That lead her research indicating that a procedure known as a voucher might the be answer. These are a form of funding that parents can use as they wish.


Wherever People Go


People have power, Betsy DeVos believes, if only they know precisely how to us it. That is what Betsy DeVos knows well when it comes to education. She has learned that all Americans can make a difference if they are willing to stand up. Vouchers are where she sees a lot of potential. These are payments that Americans can use to pay for the schooling they want. For example, if a parent likes a school in another area, they can use the vouchers to pay for that education. The vouchers are funded by the government and intended for use by each student. Parents are given the right to find out how much money they have to spend on their own child’s education and make use that money as they like. That is one way that Betsy DeVos has been able to help parents find power.


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